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Friday, April 9th, 2010
11:21 pm - medication and readings

I'm going to a new age/psychic expo this weekend and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if certain medications can affect readings or healings or things like that.  I've never thought to ask before I've gone in the past, but I figured I'd might as well ask before I go again.  Every morning I usually take allergy meds and use my inhaler, but I also take Adderall XR and Wellbutrin XL.  I'd think the latter might cause issues since they have to do with the brain, plus the inhaler and Adderall XR both speed up my heart rate (and I usually have some kind of caffeine in the morning, too).  I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post the question, but I didn't really know where else to go except for LJ communities.  Thank you all in advance!

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
6:52 pm

Hey all,

Since this community is aimed at people who are interested in developping their psychic abilities, I was hoping to get your opinions on something.

I run an online teaching centre at www.elfpath.com with the purpose of training people to more awareness of themselves, their emotions, their energies and the energies around them, and their personal gifts and power. We don't call it "psychic", as it's such a loaded and often abused term; instead, the tools we teach are part of the meta-intuitive arts. This includes things like empathy, doing readings for others, sensing energies and interpreting them, sensing ghosts, healing others, but also healing yourself, finding personal power, clearing out old blocks, etc.

We've seen amazing results with our students so far. Within a few months, they're already starting to really develop their intuition and sense energies. Within half a year, they have the skills to do much the same as "psychics" out there. And everyone can do this, you don't need to be a natural or already have experienced some of the meta-.

I would like to get some ideas on what exactly people are looking for when they say they want to learn how to become "psychic", so we can perhaps tune our classes better to those with similar interests. Why does becoming psychic appeal to you? What type of thing would you want to use it for, would you want to get clarity for yourself or others? How long and hard would you be willing to work on getting it? Are there other things that you want that go along with this same topic, or something that you feel should be taught alongside with it to make it more interesting?

I'd be grateful for any feedback you may have, and if you're curious, check out our official site: Elfpath, as you can still sign up for our very last free introduction course of 3 months :)

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Friday, May 29th, 2009
10:22 pm - Psychic in Greece??


Hello - would anyone happen to know of a psychic who does readings in Greece - specifically Athens or Santorini? I know this is a strange request, but it's based on strong intuition. Also, I am having THE hardest time finding even ads for people who do readings there - almost like there is no such thing, which can't be the case!

Thank you for any ideas / thoughts / feeings.

~ Christie

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
7:17 am - strange dreams

I seem to be picking up not only my dreams, but those of my dogs and my husband and my nieighbors the last couple of nights. They make now sense and include people and places I have NEVER been to or seen before. I find it very diconcerting and confusing. I do sometimes pick up dreams of friends and families, but never so many at one for so long and in the same dream. I am pretty sure I have never chased small animals or snakes around before, but the colors are flat and the movemenet/motion exagerated. It is all very strange.

I have never had to worry about breaking the cycle before because it was always such a random event. I also don't like it because even though I don't know who the dreams belong to, I feel like a peeping tom in a way.

Any advice?

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
7:23 am - Dreaming of Bears Again

Last night was the first time I dreamt I was being chased by mama grizzly bear again.

I ran by and saw baby cub on the side of the mountain and I tried to bring my attention to her cub, but she seemed to know already.

I think it has been a year or so since I have dreamt of being chased by a bear.

I used to dream of it all the time when I lived in Alaska.

The dream used to terrify me.

Now I look in the dream for the messsage I am missing.

I think it is odd that my chase dreams always involve bears. Never people, cars, etc. Bears are not the usual symbols chase.

Still don't know yet this morning. I will have to ponder. Of course, if it was that obvious, she would not have to come to me in my dreams.

Bears are one of the most frequent visitors in my dreams - outside of demons and alien nightmares which are another post altogether

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008
9:22 am - upcoming predictions.

I keep feeling them along with the earht unrest, so I still think something biggre is coming - bigger than has already happened. Something that will be more shocking than we have seen in 40-50 years.

Tuesday 18th August
Major military action – bigger deaths more countries involved?

Between full moon(today) and about two weeks, closer to a week august I feel another earthquake/volcano

Big storm - maybe this is what is going on but I doubt it. I feel it deep in the earth, not in the air or on the earth's surface.

Every night I burn a candle to protect as many people I can and to minimize the pain. Mother earth needs to correct an imbalance. What we see as cruel is actually healing to gai and needs to be done - over thousands of years, man will be better off and healthier perhaps if mother earth is healther. So for this, I can only light candles to help those in the path to listen to their guides and leave the area or to go to safe places, etc.

As far as the war - I have no idea what to do. I see the pendulum of violence oscillating back towards WW3. I have no idea what to do hear, other than the same I am doing above, lighting candles for those civilians in the way to get out of the way. I am lighting candles to bring wisdom to leaders, but I think they do not want to listen to wisdom. If they did, we would not be in the state we are to begin with.

Maybe it is just the violence and unrest that I feel, but I do feel a lot of unrest going on in the fields of the earths fields.

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008
2:08 pm - Owl Dream

This Seems VERY Important 

I was outside in my yard with my four dogs at dusk playing. Suddenly, two HUGE brown owls starting swooping down at me. They had large horned over their eyes. Their eyes were golden and piercing, looking and golden looked at me and said The message was so important they both had to come.

My black lab’s instinct, of course, being a bird dog, was to chase the owls. The owls had to swoop to avoid the lab and to try to face me at the same time to look into my mind to give me the message. The female said to me “Remember, this message was important enough for us to die to give to. Never forget this.”

I looked over and saw the male, feathers strewn all over the lawn, and I started to cry. 

I have never really dreamt of owls before, so I am unsure what to make of this.  The message they were carrying seemed very important for me to get, though, so I neeed to figure this out. 

see my own journal for omen/dream/totem info

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008
7:28 am - astral crap

I keep picking up astral baggage when I sleep, little low level creatures that are like ticks - hard to get rid of once they get in. Smudging don't seem to have a lot of affect on the buggers, either. I pick them up when I cross deeper in the lower level of the dimemsions.

Stupid bastards. I still have two. One on my left shoulder blade and one one the base of my skull that I have had for as long as I can remember.

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Monday, March 24th, 2008
9:44 pm - Something funny happened at work today..

One of the guys loves to look at the gals who come through the store in tight pants. He loves it and enjoys whistling at them and making rather loud comments on how sexy they look. Well I told him that his wife is going to come in and possibly hear him say something like that, then all hell will break loose. He laughed about it and later on during the day he told me to look at this chick in tight pants. I did and the he said she has a great ass.

Next thing I know he's stammering "Baby what are you doing here??"
Up walked his wife down the isle toward him! Now then whether or not she heard him I'm not sure, but once she went out into the mall he was speechless and gave me a weird look.. the kind that says "How the hell did you know she was going to be here?" He told me that as soon as he saw her he immediately though of what I warned him about,lol the thing that he passed off as a funny joke. He was still shocked when I left at 2. Hehe I love doing that to people.

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
11:16 pm - Psychic Abilities Party

What better way to practice and exercise your psychic abilities than by holding a Psychic Abilities Party with your family and friends. With just a slight bit of planning before hand, you can hold a psychic abilties party that will be the talk of the town for years to come, plus help everyone develop their psychic abilities at the same time.
Every good party starts with planning and a Psychic Abilties Party is no different. Here's a list of some of the things you will want to decide upon before sending out the invitations.

Choosing the date for your Psychic Abilties Party
Choosing the best date to hold your Psychic Abilties Party is ultimately a matter of choice on your part. You of course want to choose a date when your psychics will be available, but here's a list of other things you might want to take into consideration when choosing the date for your Psychic Abilties Party.
A summer full moon makes a wonderful backdrop for a Psychic Abilities Party
If all your kids are grown, Halloween night makes for a good choice
A Friday the 13th of any month can add suspence to a Psychic Abilities Party
If you have a few people already showing psychic abilties throw a quick party or meeting together when someone in the news is missing and see if your group can provide leads on the case.
Is a friend going through a bit of bad luck? Hold a Psychic Abilities Party with them as the center of attention to see if you can find answers or causes for their problems.
Hold your Psychic Abilities Party in conjunction with well known events in other cities. For example, Mardi Gras or one of the many festivals around the country.

Picking your guest list for your Psychic Abilties Party
You may have enough people in your immediate circle of family and friends that are already well versed in the psychic arts and would love a chance to practice. But if you are not sure of a persons psychic abilities here's a few things to keep in mind when choosing who to invite.
Think about their religious background. Some religions believe psychic abilties are demonic and you could lose a friend simply by inviting them.
Are they the "life of the party" type of person? If so can they remain calm enough for a Psychic Abilities Party? When readings or exercises are being done, everyone needs to remain somewhat quiet.

Decorations for your Psychic Abilties Party
How you choose to decorate for your Psychic Abilities Party will depend on all the things mentioned above and a few others as well.
If your party is with a group of people that are serious about developing their psychic abilities you would probably keep your decorations to a minimum. In this case, the tools the group will be using will probably be enough decoration. If on the other hand the group at your Psychic Abilities Party are there to have fun and meet new people, a few decorations can really liven things up.
You may also want to decide on exactly which exercises will be done at your Psychic Abilities Party before deciding on your decorations because some exercises lend them selves to a different atmosphere than others.
No matter what decorations you choose for your Psychic Abilities Party, keep them fun but tasteful and you will never go wrong.

Food and Drink Menu for your Psychic Abilties Party
What you choose to serve at your Psychic Abilities Party will be greatly influenced by the general type of Psychic Abilities Party you are holding. A party for a group of people serious about developing their psychic abilities may need nothing more than a bowl of chips and dip and a few herbal teas if anything at all.
On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with holding an actual dinner party with the psychic abilities exercises to come afterward. In this case I suggest you keep the dinner on the lighter side. Salads with lots of veggies are nice. If meats and pastas are served, keep them lighter by going with low fat choices that won't sit so heavily on the stomach. If FBS takes hold of your party goes you could wind up with a sleep over instead of actually practicing psychic abilities exercises.
Keep sweets to a minimum since sugar tends to cause excitability in many people. It is hard to do psychic readings when several people are buzzing with energy.
A small glass of wine can actually help your guests relax and allow their abilities to come through stronger, but stay away from hard liquor. Too much alcohol can cause peoples psychic abilities to shut down temporarily and can also cause some people to be a little too lively if you know aht I mean.

Psychic Abilties Exercises for your Party
1. ESP Card Practice Exercise : http://sotall.org/psychic-reading/party-esp.php
2. Psychometry Exercise : http://sotall.org/psychic-reading/party-psychometry.php
3. Telekinesis Exercise : http://sotall.org/psychic-reading/party-telekinesis.php
4. Manipulate the Pendulum : http://sotall.org/psychic-reading/party-pendulum.php
5. Past Life Viewing : http://sotall.org/psychic-reading/party-past-life.php
6. PSI Energy Ball : http://sotall.org/psychic-reading/party-psi-ball.php
This list is in progress, check back soon.

Tools needed for your Psychic Abilities Party
Exactly which tools your will need for your psychic abilities party will be determined by which exercises you choose to do at your party. If an exercise you plan on doing requires a pendulum, you will need one for each guest or for at least half the guests if the exercise involves guests pairing up to do readings on each other.
It is possible your guests may already have some of these tools themselves which could be very helpful. Some tools, such as tarot cards can be expensive and the cost may prohibit having more than one or two sets available if guests do not already own some of their own. Don't be afraid to adjust an exercise to fit your unique set of circumstances.

Things guest should bring to your Psychic Abilities Party
The decision to ask guests to bring items to your psychic abilities party is again a personal one. Some hosts want to provide everything their guests need while others can see the benefit of having their guests use tools they are already familar with. There is no right or wrong answer on how your psychic abilities party should be set up.
Here is a partial list of some of the things you might want your guests to bring with them.
A photo of a deceased loved one for a psychic reading
A personal object of someone they know for a psychic reading
A small personal object of their own that they use on a regular basis
A pendulum, tarot cards, runes, etc., that they are use to working with

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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
8:00 am - Good Books For a Parent whos adopted child seems to be haunted by its twin who passed?

Good Books For a Parent whos adopted child seems to be haunted by its twin who passed?

This is a long story which I promise to share later now that my connection is working better and the damage to the houes is almost done - but for now, does anyone have any good suggestions?

The person is the originial foster mom of the new puppy Rosko - which we both seem to think is why I was so drawn to adopt him in the first place. My husband and I could both sense interesting energies in the house when we first met Rosko. It took me a while to figure out how to broach it with the foster mom - who works with me as well.

The daughter is almost 13 and both would like help in learning how to overcome the fear and understand what is happening.

SUggestions would be greatley appreciated!

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Monday, November 12th, 2007
3:32 pm - Mentorship

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I'm in an incredible time of transition and transformation right now.

I was a nihilist/atheist all my life, until two years ago when an experience with a very gifted medium opened my mind completely in one amazing quantum shift. This spurred a progression of studies and spiritual development that sustained me through severe health trauma and family tragedy. I've always been an intuitive empath, but I'm now able to tune into energies and receive subtle messages from my Guides. I've come a long way, but after a lifetime of blocking and denying these abilities, I have a way to go!

Mind-body healing is my greatest passion, the life path that is my "home" personally and professionally. In order to be a better healer for myself and others, I'd love to develop my intuitive abilities with the help of a gifted psychic.

I'm not asking for someone to simply give me a reading, but for a mentor/protégé relationship that enriches both sides (though I won't ask for too much of your time). I'll gladly send more info and pictures if this idea resonates with anyone. If you feel you may have something to teach, I'd be grateful to hear from you!

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Sunday, May 6th, 2007
10:54 pm - Clairaudience and Other Things

I'm new - sorry if this has been asked before.

I have just recently become open to the idea that I may have some kind of psychic ability. The idea of it has terrified for years. But I've just had too many signs lately basically telling me I'd better open my mind to it. What I think I can do - and what I've read in various places that I should have a tendency towards is clairaudience. I'm not entirely sure what it means - does it mean you can just communicate long distance with live people or not-live people or what, I don't know. But I very definitely had a dream that told me it was time. And then I saw a psychic who did a half-hour standard reading for my friend then took my name, closed her eyes, and then blinked them wide open and said, "you're psychic." And I said, without even thinking, "I know and it scares me to death."

And it does. The dream was crystal clear and the kind you wake up with with no memory loss. A white radio, brand new out of a box. Never turned on. In the dream it was like a camera zooming in on this radio. Shiny new. I am supposed to turn that radio on. I know that, but I'm scared to death. I don't want to tune into radio stations that scare me, you know what I mean? I don't want to invite anything in that isn't purely good or helpful.

And then there's this whole clairaudience thing. If there are messages being transmitted that I'm supposed to hear ... I'm ready to hear them. But I want to do so safely and ... honestly, I have no idea what I'm looking for. I meditate ... I now pay more attention to dreams. I have sworn once or twice I did communicate with friends or people I otherwise am very much on a same wavelength with over long distances. Is that all there is to it? I guess, if I can tune the radio in clearer ... I want to try.

I didn't think I'd have that much to say;)

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Friday, May 4th, 2007
8:34 pm - Brief glimpses into the hologram

I have been struggling for the past few days to express coherently something I saw when I was writing this as the concept is very strange and abstract. I can’t quite get my brain around this, but it seems to be related to some of the other information and point of views I have been downloading lately while I sleep. It is so very frustrating to completely understand the cosmos and the interconnectedness of being as a hologram and then to have your brain smash back down into the flatter dimensions we normally perceive as reality.

Those brief moments are what keep me on my path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Each time, I feel I have grown exponentially as a person and am forever changed with each brief glimpse of quantum time, space and matter. Occasionally, I even look in the mirror to see if I can see the physical change in me- surely I have been transformed. I strain to see if my aura has changed, but alas I can still only feel auras and colors and not yet see them with my waking mind.

This moment came earlier this week when I was chatting with a friend about personal deities and totems. The friend is very confident and sure in their relationship with Odin. I admired them greatly and for a brief moment slightly envied their relationship with their deity. I remarked that I have not really found an affinity with any deity in particular, and feel more comfortable working with archetypes and totems as guides. As I was saying this, my mind expanded as I saw myself walking in the dream world. I heard in my mind, I walk with the deities while I sleep.

My consciousness continued to expand beyond the earthbound deities and seemed to encompass a different concept of time that was both instantaneous and stretching in both directions at once. I felt like my etheric body was either walking with beings that could travel among the many dimensions or was a conduit for one who did. When they travel within my etheric body, they become me – not that I become one with the traveler. I am not sure how or why this distinction is important yet, but it seemed natural at them time. I also got a sense of all things entertwined into one, and it was more my perception was chaging to be aware of the bigger tie and an avatar type experience.

My linear mind remarked that this thought was pretty grandiose and smug for me to be thinking- almost chiding me for the illogical and need to feel more important than I really am – which is what caused the moment to pass. It was an almost physical shutting down of perception, and I was back as my normal self. For a while I was very distracted that evening prior to the Beltane ritual that was going on.

I asked a friend what their perceptions were of my energies, but really I did not get a sense that they were able to perceive anything had happened, to my disappointment. Then again, the answer was more of a description of the mutual attraction and energy that passes between us, so I would think it would be a little harder to perceive the other energies that I have shielded so strongly.

Since this moment, I am once again trying to reestablish who I am and my place in my little own universe.

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
7:28 am - To remove negative energy picked up from others

Empaths often have difficulty letting go of the emotional garbage and pain they draw from others. Left unchecked, these left-leftovers can cause anxiety and physical illness.
To remove the overflow, visualize a tiny hole in the small of your back. Mentally move the negative energy down toward the hole and let it seep out into the Earth. when no more negative energy remains, close the hole.

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5:29 am

Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell what happened to me this morning, I was laying on the couch under a blanket faking sleep lol.. I was trying to get Madison to go to sleep.. anywho as I was laying there fake snoring.. I heard a voice say "Not gonna happen". Madison fell asleep after screaming for 45 minutes. Soo if the voice was telling me she wasn't gong to sleep, I proved it wrong because she did. She slept from 10:30 to 1pm. Due to the fact that she's sick. lol

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
9:17 pm - OK I have a question!

When I lay in bed at night and close my eyes, I always see faces. One that I see alot is that of a young man in his late 30th - early 40's. He's talking to me, but I can't hear what he's saying. I don't see any clothing or anything like that, just his face. Floting around him are various faces that are of people who are unknown to me. They aren't talking just floating around with various expressions on their face.

current mood: curious

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Saturday, April 21st, 2007
7:46 pm - Random flashes of Insight If you allow your self to see

Thanks to copperbeech, I found a great site for flower remedies. http://www.greenhopeessences.com/index.html

I was jotting down the flowers that struck me, instinctively.    While I was doing this, I realize how valuable this process was for me.  I realized what my dream and the problems with the electricity means.  I am energetically off balance, and have been supersenstive to the earth energies.  I need to ground myself and learn to work with the energies instead of against them.  I also realized this is because there are some MAJOR energy shifts going on not just in the earth, but in the human collective concience as well.   

I do not know who is orchestrating these changes, but I feel it is being guided by gaurdians. I also sometimes get the sense that others are also fighting the energy changes fiercely and are trying to push things in a very negative manner. I realized our energies are fluxing as we are on the edge of something big happening.   Even the earth herself is reacting to the changing patterns  Perhaps she is the one trying to cleanse herself by helping to purifiy us.

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
6:57 pm - Sad vision came true

painful premonition at work

I am sorry to say my vision of my cat was completely accurate, even to the diagnosis.

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
9:26 pm - Dreams Make Sense after listening to the News


The tempest in my mind/Doth from my senses take all feeling" (Shakespeare).

Yesterday was such an odd and tragic day.  I am overwhelmed and tired. I don't even know where to start, so I guess I will start at the beginning.

The morning started with me stumbling around with lack of sleep. The wind had been ferocious all night. In addition to the lack of sleep, I had a series of disturbing dreams. After I woke, a heavy feeling of unease hung with me. I typed up a quick outline of one of my dreams and emailed to work so I could finish it at lunch time. The power was flashing off and on, so I did not want to stick around on the computer.

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